The Daylight Owl is a minecraft adventure series made by Sterile Studios.

The story begins with "The Two" a.k.a Matt and Steve finding an abandoned town in a desert after breaking bedrock in a previous video (Matt on singleplayer, showing off the feature of being able to break bedrock in creative) and being killed by a mysterious mob called the The Daylight Owl, then finding a creepy temple on a hill with the message "The Daylight Owl watches." The brothers end up stepping on a pressure plate and blowing themselves sky high. Matt then re-spawns in an obsidian prison in the Nether and Steve must go and save him. The Two then face many challenges in the Nether and Matt, after being killed, meets Blacksmith O'Reilley who turns out to be a "Slayer." He then destroys the Daylight owl using an "Arrow of Notch". he then travels into the Nether to find his lost daughter Cassidy O'Reilley. he leaves the two to defend the world from The Daylight Owl (who isn't dead, just dormant). the two travel all over the world slaying beasts and eventually reach The Iron Valley, the home of The Dwarves. "The battle of the Iron Valley" takes place shortly after the arrive and the "Necromancer" who sacrifices the elf successor to the daylight owls spirit to give it power. Steve must then travel with Willow Ranger and save Matt from a group of vampires that are holding him captive. Then after a trip to gather supplies have to fight off ghasts and find that Willow Ranger and "Blacksmith O'Reilly" have disappeared. The climb up a hill and meet Cassidy, who tell them the Necromancer is near. She then wakes from her trance, and refuses to follow them because they are not with blacksmith. The two then head off in search of their friends until they run into a group of demons in the desert, they are saved by a celestial being known as a Stoneskin, who tells them to seek out the necromancers alter in the nether temple were the resurrection of the daylight owl is about to occur. They destroy the alter but the necromancer escapes. The two along with the blacksmith, Cassidy, and Willow, travel through the goblin infested forests until they are captured and are imprisoned within the roots of the great tree. A shaman named Gnork however frees them and they travel to the great tree where a huge battle occurs and the two must fight the daylight owl who has torn out of Willow. The two were defeated in the duel but wake up 10 years later ready to enact there revenge.